Collier Tynes

The most important rule in PR is to tell your story first before someone else does.

Here goes nothing.

ENFJ Personality Type


The girl with the clipboard.

Behind every public figure is a servant leader with a clipboard, creative ideas, strategic plan B’s, completed to-do lists and encouraging words after the most chaotic of days. I strive to be that someone, helping people I believe in maintain positive images, win elections, build relationships, improve our state and make things happen. With an externally focused personality, it is my passion to inspire others to find their greatest leadership potential and share their achievements with the world. It’s the PR practitioner in me.

Birmingham, Ala., is where I call home. There I grew up in a big, loving family that taught me to treat everyone with southern hospitality and to rejoice in the Lord no matter the circumstance. My parents and younger siblings are my greatest inspiration, continuing to impress me with their selflessness, ability to always bring others joy and love for one another. Throughout junior high and high school I was surrounded by a group of friends who still keep me accountable to stay true to myself. The foundation of values and boldness the people back home instilled in me proved valuable while transitioning into adulthood.

I graduated from Mountain Brook High School in 2009 and ventured further south to spend the best four years of my life at Auburn University. Through involvement with Chi Omega, Student Government Association and War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen, I found incredible friends who shaped my heart and pushed me in my faith. They taught me the meaning of “service above self,” and pushed me to take leadership and simply be better. My experiences in SGA steered me toward a career in Republican politics, because I discovered my love for PR, conservative values and public service.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my digital resume and ePortfolio!

ENFJ Personality Type

Extroverted - 90%
Intuitive - 80%
Feeling - 60%
Judgment - 40%

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