PR. Management. Campaigns. Marketing.


Office of the Governor (Present)

Intern for First Lady Affairs and Mansion Operations

  • Assist the First Lady at appearances, speaking engagements and day-to-day functions with media and public relations strategies
  • Work toward the implementation of the First Lady's agenda: domestic violence prevention, adoption and childhood literacy
  • Create development campaign to fundraise for the Governor's Mansion
  • Manage the First Lady's social media accounts and blog
  • Help plan, setup and work events at the Governor's Mansion
  • Maintain the First Lady and Mansion staff's monthly calendar
  • Assist in the general upkeep of the Governor's Mansion
  • Write and design pieces of literature for the First Lady and the Governor's Mansion
Alabama Republican Party

Finance and Communication Intern

  • Helped plan, market and execute the Summer Dinner, the Party’s largest fundraising event with 900 in attendance
  • Coordinated the 10 Summer Dinner program honorees by serving as their point of contact, ensuring their VIP treatment and directing their presentation
  • Provided excellent donor relations and services, personally corresponding with donors of all levels and researching potential donors
  • Performed compliance management by organizing contributions and reporting information through Campaign Manager 5 software
  • Drafted letters, articles, press releases and other pieces of literature
  • Created and maintained the Chairman’s trip itineraries while arranging accommodations
  • Managed a team of 10 interns, distributing work to them and making sure they accomplished each day’s tasks
Student Government Association

Chief of Staff

  • Served as the leader of SGA's executive cabinet, which consisted of 75 cabinet members who worked on more than 30 initiatives and 8 programs
  • Oversaw and advised cabinet projects from their planning, implementation and evaluation stages with public relations perspectives
  • Handled the organization’s external communication, marketing and public relations including press releases, press interviews, social media, campaign methods, marketing designs, speeches and event management
  • Acted as an adviser to the president regarding internal, student, administrative and community relations
  • Lead many executive initiatives including the implementation of a fall break and Tiger Advisor, a centralized academic advising service
  • Sat on administrative committees such as the University Retention Committee, Academic Grievance Committee, University Undergraduate Advising Council, Undergraduate Advising Evaluation Subcommittee, Fall Break Task Force and University Facilities Committee, in order to voice student opinion
War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen

War Eagle Girl: Official Hostess of Auburn University

  • Served the Office of the President and the Office of Special Events as an official hostess of the university
  • Spoke at conferences, worked recruiting events and made special appearances in order to give publics the best impression of Auburn
  • Worked events for President and First Lady Gogue at the president’s home and provided guests services
  • Gave campus tours to VIPs, potential donors, elite prospective students and anyone who requested service
  • Selected as a War Eagle Girl after one of the most competitive interview processes on campus, based on poise, personality, Auburn knowledge, presentation and spontaneity
Record-Breaking SGA Presidential Campaign

Campaign Manager

  • Broke Auburn SGA elections record by winning 48 percent of the vote with four candidates running
  • Recruited a campaign staff of 950 people by organizing a call night, meeting with campus leaders and implementing other strategies with our 30-person core staff
  • Created slogan and logo “GOIN’ OWEN,” for use on t-shirts, billboards, posters, handbills, nametags and gimmicks
  • Oversaw the planning, creation and distribution of effective gimmicks and printed materials that communicated platform
  • Scheduled locations and meetings for the candidate and the campaign staff for the week of formal campaigning
  • Directed two videos and other social media tactics to communicate platform to our target audience
  • Managed the campaign with a budget of $1,500
Nationally Recognized Miss Homecoming Campaign

Campaign Consultant and PR Manager for Molly Anne Dutton

  • Encouraged Dutton to use her powerful story as her Miss Homecoming platform
  • Coached Dutton through the preliminary interview process to successfully become one of five Miss Homecoming candidates
  • Recruited Dutton's campaign manager and core-staff members, strategically pulling from different leaders on campus
  • Served as an adviser to Dutton, her campaign manager and core-staff members using previous campaign experience and creativity
  • Ensured clear and effective communication of platform by directing three campaign videos with more than 104,000 views total
  • Submitted one press release after Dutton won, which resulted in 30,000 search results and national news coverage
  • Handled fan and media correspondence as well as event scheduling once the campaign became national