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Fall Break Implementation

One of my main initiatives as SGA chief of staff was working as the student leader of the Fall Break Task Force to convince the task force, Academic Calendar Committee, Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost that a fall break is academically necessary for students and faculty. After nine months of work with the Fall Break Task Force, Auburn University will have its first fall break during the 2014-2015 calendar year.

Alabama Republican Pioneers

During my internship with the Alabama Republican Party, I directed the Alabama Republican Pioneers presentation at the 2013 Summer Dinner. This prezi was shown to an audience of 800 people and Republican dignitaries before honoring the pioneers on stage.

Goin' Owen for SGA President

As campaign manager I came up with the concept, logo, slogan and strategies used to win the election. By understanding the appeals of the target audience, I worked with the candidate to communicate appealing platform points in a way that would empower students to vote.