Light Up Life on Voting Day

This was the campaign's final push to motivate students to vote for Molly Anne Dutton. By communicating our success of already creating a movement on Auburn's campus and having other people speak on Dutton's behalf, the video inspired voters to join us in lighting up life by voting. It has more than 18,000 views.

Light Up Life this Wednesday

The purpose of this video was to continue communicating to voters that Light Up Life is a celebratory, fun campaign and Dutton is relatable.

Light Up Life with Molly Anne Dutton

I filmed and developed this video in under three hours after the professional videographer cancelled. After a successful Miss Homecoming campaign and national attention, it has more than 85,000 views.

SGA adviser says apply for TFA

Brad Smith explains his experience as a Teach for America Corps member. The video communicates not only why TFA helps close the education achievement gap, but what corps members gain from teaching in lower-income classrooms.

Happy Election Day

Click the image above to see the video I created and posted for Auburn SGA elections.
This video was created as a positive PR effort after controversial election law violations.